Behind The Lens


Lori Ann Coleman is a professional portrait photographer and owner of Artistic Images Portraits by Lori Anne.  She has been photographing people in outdoor settings since 2011, and in 2016 decided to open a portrait studio in Brooklyn, MI.


Lori is a true creative who also loves to laugh and have fun. She incorporates this laughter into her photo shoots so that she can capture the true essence of her subject. She finds that the unplanned smile or laugh make the most beautiful images. Lori loves to create digital art pieces from her photographs, ranging from pastels, pencil, and watercolor, all the way to oil paintings. Ask her to show you a few, and she will gush with excitement! She fashions an art piece for each client to view and choose to purchase in print if they so wish.  


While she loves to shoot everything from apples to zebras, Lori specializes in the art of portraiture; she photographs children, families, couples and high school seniors. However; the self-esteem of women and girls has a special meaning to her, so there is a focus on Contemporary Beauty and Boudoir photography.  Lori wants you to see how fantastic and beautiful you are; you will become a star for the day.  When Lori photographs you, she will not only capture your outward beauty but the beauty that is within you.  Lori feels that we focus so much on what the media and others tell us is wrong with us, that we forget what is right! She wants to remove those myths from your mind, and show you of how fantastic you are!

13962 Grandview Drive~Cement City, MI 49233~517-740-4762

Michigan Portrait Photographer